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Group Tickets

NOTE:  THERE will NO TICKETS for sale at the DOOR!  All tickets MUST be purchased in advance.

GROUP RESERVATIONS ONLY: This promotion applies to schools, preschools and senior homes.

Show dates: February 9 – 12:  12:00 pm  and  7:00 pm

Group rates: One complimentary ticket for each group of 10 per show/section.
Matinee: $10 (Schools)  $15 (General public)
Evening:  $15 (Schools/youth groups – section B) Section A: $22.50  Section B: $17.50  Section C: $12.50
Group booking payment: Payable at the school office by cheque or credit card. 

Feb 9 – 7 pm: “Disney Family Night“. Children dress as your favourite Disney character.
Feb 12: 7 pm: “Disney Valentine Gala” Semi or formal dress. Bring your date or family for a delightful evening.

NOTE:  You will be given the best seats available at the time of booking. You will not be able to select your own seat but will save the ticket fees and will receive a complimentary ticket for each group of 10.

School, group or family name
Contact phone number
Mailing address & postal code
Payment after receiving invoice will be:
Number of tickets (groups require min of 10/seating)
Date of show
Section choice

Seating Plan:



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