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PDF version:  Musical Theatre syllabus – Jan 2013

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Mrs. Foster & Mrs. Glubish
Day 2 – Block 4 & 5
Day 1 – Block 5
Drama Portable

Course Description

Welcome to Musical Theatre! Musical Theatre is a course designed to help you develop skills in three major disciplines: voice, stage movement/dance, and acting. Through the course we will develop the skills necessary to perform our musical production.

This course, while fun in some aspects, is most importantly intended to be personally demanding. The fuel of this challenge is called risk. The student who stretches themselves and shows a willingness to push beyond boundaries of personal comfort will be highly successful.

Goals & Objectives

  • To understand the multi-disciplinary nature of the Musical Theatre form.
  • To acquire and practice techniques and skills which enable one to become a competent singer, dancer and actor.
  • To develop a sense of ensemble work through making a personal commitment to share the responsibilities and obligations necessary to performance.

One of the most important objectives of this course is to foster a sense of commitment to the ensemble. Each one of you needs to make a personal contribution to our collective endeavor. We all share the responsibility for our final product—our Musical Production.

Course Content & Schedule

Beginning of February

  • Course policies
  • Read script
  • Script analysis and monologue assignment


  • Chorus rehearsals
  • Soloist rehearsals
  • Vocal training
  • Choreography rehearsals
  • Scene blocking
  • Character development
  • Character Monologue presentations – March 18 & 20
  • Poster Distribution – March 19


  • Continue chorus & soloist rehearsals
  • Continue choreography
  • Continue character development
  • Tech week – April 22-26 (Rehearsals until 10pm)
  • Dress Rehearsals – April 27 & 29
  • Show week – April 30-May 3
  • Sunday Matinee rehearsal – May 4
  • Sunday Matinee (with Scotland cast, if they are ready) – May 5

All detailed schedule and rehearsal information can be found on our website:

Course Policies

Attendance Policy:

  • Regular attendance is mandatory and essential to producing a successful final performance.
  • If you have 3 unexcused absences, you may be asked to leave the course.

Cell Phone Policy:

  • As per school policy, students are not to have cell phones in class. If you are using the device during rehearsal, it will be taken away and returned to you at the end of the session.

Rehearsal Policy:

  • No gum
  • No tight pants/clothing which disallows movement – During production rehearsals everyone should wear clothing appropriate for moving/acting/dancing.
  • Dance attire is mandatory for dance rehearsals
  • Participation is mandatory. Non-participation will result in removal from the course.


To each class, you must bring:

  • script
  • music
  • pencil & eraser


Students in Senior High level Drama/Musical Theatre courses will be assessed using the attached categories and descriptors and will be assessed using the following breakdown:

  • Participation and Attitude: Covers effort, attitude and the student’s ability or desire to take an active role in his/her learning
  • Skills: Practical skills in all areas (scene work/development) necessary to the student’s development in the art
  • Written Work: Theory and reflection, written critiques of professional and in-class work
  • Performance: The application of concepts in a formal/polished piece


We have added a new component to musical theatre this year which is portfolios. In these portfolios you will keep all scripts/scores you use for rehearsal, notes and evaluations, both self evaluations and peer evaluations, and all required course work. There will also be a number of short journal entries in which you will comment on your own process in preparing for assignments/class presentations and final performances. The final component is a portfolio of pictures showcasing you as the actor and character in this year’s musical production.  This component should reflect your acting, dancing, singing, and committee work during the progression of the rehearsals through to the performances.

Musical Theatre 15/25/35 Contract:

1. I understand that my attendance and participation in class is essential. If I am ill, or am unable to attend a rehearsal, I will inform Mrs. Foster or Mrs. Glubish in order to inform them of my absence. I will also put all known conflicts into the conflict spreadsheet.

2. I know that I will be required to move (jump, dance, creep on the ground, etc.) in class, and agree to wear clothing that will give me freedom of movement (i.e. if you wear a short skirt or platform shoes to school, bring some loose pants and running shoes to class).

3. I understand the importance of being positive and supportive in class- of my own work, the work of peers, and the ideas of other students. I know that many people find it difficult to perform in front of an audience, and will make a personal effort as an audience member and participant to be respectful and encouraging. I will acknowledge that any negativity on my part will hurt not only my own work, but may adversely affect others.

4. I have read and understand the assessment guidelines for Fine Arts.

Complying with the above conditions will almost surely contribute to your success in Musical Theatre.

Failing to meet these conditions will have a negative impact upon your level of achievement, as a portion of your final grade will be dependent upon participation and attitude

I have read and understand the above contract, and have shown these conditions and the course outline to my parents or guardians as well.

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