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SCA Fine Arts is a high-level and time-consuming production that continues to make an impact in our community. An event of this caliber requires significant rehearsal time and hundreds of volunteer hours. SCA provides opportunity for families to participate together. The following items will assist SCA and the families which are involved to make this a well-informed and successful production.

Note: Policy for non-credit students

1.   Follow communication on blog:

SCA Fine Arts uses a blog as the primary communication tool. It helps you be aware of scheduling updates and a lot of other helpful information. If you do not have a computer or email address, please make arrangements with another parent to call and update you.

2. Commitment to rehearsals:

SCA Fine Arts is committed to keeping the students and blog updated of all rehearsals. We ask that students take rehearsal commitment seriously. From February – May, many rehearsals are scheduled until 5:00 pm as per the schedule your student will receive. Your student may be required to attend periodic Saturday rehearsals which would run from 8 am – 2 pm. These schedules are subject to change based on the progress that is being made.

In the situations where a schedule conflict occurs, students need to bring a signed letter with as much advance notice as possible.

3. Production involvement by parents:

Each year many parents have assisted in the production and have discovered it to be a meaningful experience for their family. Due to the significant growth of this production, SCA is asking that each family choose an area of involvement. Roles and responsibilities will be clearly defined to make it a positive and fun experience.


The purpose of the SCA Fine Arts Department is to honor and delight the Lord our God through good musical theatre. We will seek to achieve this by creating a sense of community amongst our staff, parents, SPAC, Sherwood Park, and professionals from the area. Furthermore, our students will be challenged and inspired in their acting, singing and dancing skills; interpersonal skills; poise and confidence; personal and collective dependence and connectiveness with the Lord their God for success in the developmental process of the production and in the final performances.


· Host a first-class high caliber theatrical production

· Make a profit to further develop the program

· Have an audience of over 500 people per show

· Invest in the development of students in the areas of fine arts, interpersonal and spiritual growth.

· Encourage leadership and confidence in the lives of the students


Promotions, costume (sewing and organization), Front of House/Disney Parties, dinner theatre, childcare, rehearsal food, set construction, music (orchestra), volunteer co-ordinator assistant & prayer

Parental involvement:

· Commitment to rehearsals

· Production involvement

· Follow communication on blog

· Sign up for emails

· Regular updates

· Non-credit actors

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