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Non-credit Musical Theatre students

Policy for non-credit Musical Theatre and/or underage actors:

A non-credit musical theatre student is defined as one that is NOT taking the class and therefore has not paid the school fee associated with the class.

An underage student is defined as one that is in junior high or elementary school.

Students that are not receiving credit for musical theatre may still be involved in the production provided that certain criteria are met. These are as follows:

  1. All students must audition. For audition requirements, see the Director.
  2. All non-credit musical theatre students must respect the same rules and procedures that the credited students adhere to.
  3. Students are required to be at all rehearsals pertinent to them. This includes rehearsals outside of regular school hours. In-school drama class rehearsals are not a requirement unless specified such as the week of the production.
  4. It is the responsibility of each student to be aware of when and where their rehearsals are taking place by checking the SCA Fine Arts blog.
  5. It is imperative that all students remain in the vicinity of the rehearsal area so that they can be called when needed. Doing other homework, reading or some other quiet activity is suggested for these times.
  6. In the case of underage students, there will not be childcare provided during rehearsal. Students will be required to remain in the rehearsal room unless permission is obtained by the rehearsal supervisor. If they leave, they must be in the care of an adult.
  7. During the production, any students backstage are under the authority of the Stage Manager.
  8. During all rehearsals and productions, childcare will not be provided for underage students. If their behavior becomes an issue, their parents will be contacted and required to be with their child(ren).
  9. Costumes for each production are either purchased, sewn or rented. A free-will gift towards this costume fee is appreciated. Costume costs are included in the non-credit student fee.
  10. A cast photo is required of all students in the production. Please watch for the scheduled photo shoot.  It will take place on one of the first Saturday rehearsals in February.  Students can keep the photo once the production is over.
  11. During the last week of rehearsals, there will be a snack and/or hot lunch program. Students are welcome to participate in this if they desire. Money and order forms must be handed in to the Rehearsal Meal Coordinator or the Snack Coordinator.
  12. A t-shirt commemorating the production will be included in the fee.
  13. Money and order forms for optional items (for dvds, posters & hot lunches) must be handed in to the SCA office.  Please mark that these are for SCA Fine Arts.

It is a privilege to have your child in this production. We desire for this to be a meaningful experience that will be remembered for years to come.

Parents are asked to commit a minimum of 20 hours of volunteer time. (or equivalent value)

Non-credit student fee:    $150/student  (Includes costume, t-shirt, photo shoot and training.)

If you have any questions, please email us at