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PITCH MATCH GAME:  * I know that some of you struggle with pitch so in order to help and train your ears here is a helpful pitch matching game:


Beauty and the Beast                                          Go to Chores Choreo

  1. Prologue (The Enchantress)
  2. Belle
  3. No Matter What
  4. No Matter What (Reprise)/Wolf Chase
  5. Me
  6. Belle (reprise)
  7. Home
  8. Home (reprise)
  9. Gaston
  10. Gaston (reprise)
  11. How Long Must This Go On?
  12. Be Our Guest
  13. If I Can’t Love Her
  14. Entr’acte/Wolf Chase
  15. Something There
  16. Human Again
  17. Maison des Lunes
  18. Beauty and the Beast
  19. If I Can’t Love Her (reprise)
  20. The Mob Song
  21. The Battle
  22. End Duet/Transformation
  23. Beauty and the Beast (reprise)

Accompaniment/Rehearsal Tracks


Act I

Act II