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SCAAudition Requirements

Sep 4               Dance teaching session  (ALL students)
Sep 8               Senior high auditions
Sep 9               Jr. & Sr. dance audition (ALL students)
Sep 10            Senior high auditions
Sep 11             Senior high auditions

LOCATION & TIME: Dance portable – 3:30 – 5:00

AUDITION SIGN-UP:    Please watch for information regarding scheduling your audition.    


The singing and monologue audition bookings will be taking place in the same session.  The dance auditions will be done during a separate session.  Please submit a copy of your music to Mrs. Foster before September 4th.  You can also email it to her at:

Additional duties: Roles are given with the expectation that the student and their family will contribute to extra duties. In order to produce a show of this magnitude, a community of volunteers are required. Students are responsible for an additional 25 hours of props, costumes or any other predetermined work which are credited module hours for marks. We also request a minimum of 20 hours per family or $400 to fulfill the additional work.

Junior High:  Unfortunately, due to the high number of senior high students in Musical Theatre class, there will not be auditions for junior high students this year.  The only positions open for junior high are dance roles.


  • Completed by the audition
  • Please watch for the google form link


Under the direction of a choreographer, students will learn and perform a dance routine. Dance shoes and attire are required.  You will be taught a dance routine for this audition and will demonstrate it in small groups at a later date. For the purpose of rehearsal, the routine will be filmed and posted on scafinearts facebook page.


Students should prepare two-minute musical selection.

  • Music should be comprised of show tunes from published musicals.
    • You will be asked to sing one verse and the chorus.
    • Any other genres (i.e. hip-hop, rock, folk songs, etc.) are not accepted.
  • An accompanist will be present at all singing auditions. Please identify on your audition form whether or not you intend to use the accompanist that we will provide. You may use a pre-recorded accompaniment/backtrack. Karaoke tracks are recommended. Do NOT accompany yourself with voice-over. Do NOT sing acappella, or bring your own accompanist unless otherwise discussed with your director.
  • Please hand in or email your music before September 4th. Please submit the sheet music in your key because it will not be transposed or improvised.

MONOLOGUES: Fully prepare, memorize and present a 1-2 minute character monologue.

  • Choose material that you can relate to and fully understand.
  • Do NOT use an accent or dialect. Trust your own voice.
  • Please stay at the time allotment If you need to cut your monologue, we recommend making cuts at the beginning or end. Avoid internal cuts.
  • You may use props or costumes during your audition.
  • Do not expect feedback at the audition.
  • If you exceed the 2 minute time limit, you will be asked to finish your sentence and stop.

GENERAL GUIDELINES include the following:


  • Make sure you are well-groomed. A slovenly or unkempt appearance is never appropriate for an audition.  Avoid restrictive clothing. Wear clothing which is comfortable, in which you may move freely and unselfconsciously.
  • Remember that you are primarily auditioning for training. We are most interested in how you will comport yourself in the classroom/studio/stage, not how you will look performing a particular role. However, you may cater your monologue to a particular character.
  • See DANCE for other specific guidelines relating to that component of the audition/interview process. 


  • Character and work ethic will be considered when assigning roles.
  • Our desire is to build a team with a common goal of integrity, unity, respect, prompt attendance, appropriate social media, language, dedication to committee work, submission to authority (adult & student leaders), academics (homework completion and maintain marks).
  • SCA Fine Arts’ vision is to reclaim theatre arts as a platform to build and develop students who honor God through their creative gifts and working in team that shows respect of people and property.

Junior High Non-Credits Students: Only dance roles

  • Role placements are subject to a successful dance audition and show requirements.
  • Students are subject to the same school fee that are required of the senior high students. This fee will cover costuming, supplies, and training.

These guidelines will be strictly adhered to. We look forward to your audition and the opportunity to get to know you. Thanks so much!

SCA Fine Arts Directing Team